Inside the Mind of Matar, the Emirati Agent in Charge of Special Operations in Europe

In a shocking revelation, leaked contents of an encrypted email account have exposed the actions of a UAE spy known as “Matar,” who oversaw the operations of Geneva-based detectives from Alp Services. This spy, engaged in targeting UN experts in Yemen and manipulating opponents of Qatar, personifies the quintessential agent operating within an autocratic system, dividing the world into those to exploit and eliminate.

The investigation, conducted by Clément Fayol and Antoine Harari and published on, delves into the activities of Matar and their meticulously orchestrated campaigns. The story begins with Kamel Jendoubi, who initially dismissed the negative blog articles tarnishing his reputation as isolated incidents. However, as more accusatory pieces emerged, questioning his alleged affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood, and a “controversies” section appeared on his Wikipedia page, it became apparent that he was the victim of a well-coordinated smear campaign.

The scrutiny extends to UN investigators, with Kamel Jendoubi publicly addressing the United Nations in Geneva on August 28, 2018. He presented the findings of the Group of Experts on Yemen, exposing the atrocities committed during the civil war. The UN investigators unearthed chilling evidence of the conflict between Houthi rebels, supported by Iran, and a coalition of Arab countries led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Thousands of deaths and numerous human rights abuses were reported, with victims providing testimonies of “rapes of men and women” and “sexual violence” perpetrated by “forces from the United Arab Emirates.” This direct accusation implicated the UAE and subsequently made Jendoubi a marked man.

Documents obtained from a leaked intelligence agency Alp Services database in Geneva shed light on the involvement of detectives working for Mario Brero, a Geneva-based investigator. These documents, uncovered during the Abu Dhabi Secrets investigation conducted in collaboration with Mediapart and the European Investigative Consortium (EIC), including RTS in Switzerland, meticulously scrutinized Kamel Jendoubi’s life. From his educational background in Tunis and Paris to his unwavering commitment to human rights and his involvement in the Tunisian government after the fall of Ben Ali in 2011, and finally, his mission for the UN, investigators sought to negatively reshape his reputation despite his unblemished track record and his refusal to compromise with the Ben Ali regime or subsequent Islamist parties.

Another UN investigator in Yemen, Ahmed Himmiche, a Moroccan and former air force officer turned UN investigator, faced a similar fate. The investigation into Himmiche also encompassed his professional career, family background, and reputation, including his connections to extremists, foreign powers, and the Muslim Brotherhood. However, individuals interviewed described Himmiche as “respected,” “loyal,” and “honest.”

The findings of these dubious investigations ultimately landed on the desk of an individual in Abu Dhabi operating under the codename Matar. This enigmatic figure, whose true identity remains undisclosed, serves as the mastermind and primary contact for Mario Brero. It is Matar who makes the crucial decisions. Sporting a tanned complexion, light forearm hair, a neatly trimmed black beard, and short dark hair, Matar personifies the archetype of a “mukhabarat” spy.

It is worth noting that “Matar” is not well-versed in the digital realm. Mario Brero created their encrypted email account (, retaining the access codes to spy on their own client. In a peculiar turn of events, when “Matar” forgot their password and reached out to the detective via WhatsApp for assistance, Brero responded by sending a photo containing the requested information. This image, along with other leaked documents, was extracted by hackers from Alp Services’ servers, providing them with access to the complete correspondence of “Matar.” These exchanges serve as pivotal evidence in this chapter of the ongoing “Abu Dhabi Secrets” investigation.

The revelations from the leaked email correspondence expose the intricate operations of Matar, shedding light on their manipulative tactics and the far-reaching implications of their actions. The investigation continues to unravel the full extent of their activities and the impact on those targeted by their campaigns.

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