Abu Dhabi Secrets Expose: Al-Khamees’ Cell and Officer Matar Al-Rumaythi Unmasked

In a shocking revelation, leaked documents from the Abu Dhabi Secrets series have exposed a covert operation orchestrated by the UAE intelligence apparatus to incite against Qatar. The operation involved exploiting the wife of a criminal detainee in Doha during the years 2018 and 2019 to tarnish Qatar’s reputation. The leaked documents shed light on the involvement of Emirati spy Matar Al-Rumaythi, who maintained contact with the Swiss intelligence company Alp Services and collaborated with Abdulaziz Al-Khamees, an Abu Dhabi collaborator.

The case revolves around the manipulation of Asma Aryan, the wife of Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Thani, who was imprisoned in Qatar on charges related to drug trafficking, fraud, and embezzlement. Seizing the opportunity presented by her husband’s arrest, Aryan fled abroad with the stolen funds.

The unveiling of these documents is part of an ongoing investigation known as the Abu Dhabi Secrets series, which is based on confidential documents obtained through the penetration of Alp Services, a Swiss intelligence company. The investigation is conducted by European Investigative Collaborations (EIC) network members in collaboration with several European media outlets.

The Abu Dhabi Secrets investigation exposes the special operations conducted by Alp Services on behalf of the UAE, including the utilization of paid journalists to incite and damage reputations.

The UAE intelligence agency entrusted the manipulation and exploitation of Aryan to Abdulaziz Al-Khamees, who personally oversaw the orchestration of fabricated events where the wife of the Qatari detainee would speak. The leaked documents reveal that Emirati spy Matar Al-Rumaythi regularly transferred funds to Al-Khamees to finance incitement campaigns against Qatar, which involved events featuring Asma Aryan.

Al-Khamees organized deceptive press conferences for Aryan to tarnish Qatar’s human rights record. This included providing her with prepared texts and utilizing media outlets funded by the Saudi and Emirati regimes to turn her into a platform for attacking Qatar and damaging its human rights image.

Notably, Aryan’s interviews were restricted to media outlets affiliated with Riyadh and Abu Dhabi, completely ignoring Arab and international media outlets and international human rights organizations.

The leaked documents explicitly mention Asma Aryan and establish a connection between her and French journalist Ian Hamel, who works for Le Point magazine and Marianne magazine.

The story unfolds with Jean-Pierre Marongiu, a French businessman residing in Qatar. He claims to have fallen victim to a trap set by his local partner, leading to false accusations and the loss of everything. In 2013, Marongiu was arrested when he attempted to flee the country and was detained for five years without trial.

During his imprisonment in 2017, Marongiu managed to contact Ian Hamel, revealing that several members of the Qatari ruling family were held captive with him. Hamel included this information in an article published by Le Point magazine, despite denials from Qatari authorities.

After his release in 2018, Marongiu and Ian Hamel corroborated the journalist’s claims. Marongiu invited Hamel to meet Asma Aryan. Surprisingly, just five days later, before any publication, Hamel sent a report to Alp Services, disclosing the details of his investigation and the identities of his sources, violating journalistic rules and ethics.

Three weeks later, on December 14, 2018, Hamel’s article was published by Marianne magazine. It anonymously mentioned Asma Aryan, who allegedly stated that Talal Thani “can testify to disturbing things for the Qatari regime, such as the distribution of funding to terrorist organizations in Somalia, the coastal region, and Sinai.” The UAE welcomed these accusations.

On March 7, Alp Services submitted a report to Emirati spy Matar Al-Rumaythi, revealing the information his “agent” Ian Hamel provided, including the identities of his sources: Jean-Pierre Marongiu and Asma Aryan.

Under the supervision of Abdulaziz Al-Khamees, Asma Aryan organized a press conference in Geneva, where she posed for photos with her children in front of the United Nations headquarters. She conducted multiple interviews, including one with Ian Hamel for Oumma.com and Fox News.

The documents also indicate that Asma Aryan received assistance from American lawyer Mark Summers, who regularly reported on his work with Aryan to Emirati spy Matar Al-Rumaythi, who is also involved in other cases.

On June 25, 2019, Summers sent Al-Rumaythi a copy of an interview conducted by Asma Aryan with the Al Arabiya channel. Expressing his displeasure, Summers stated, “I did not advise her to do that,” and condemned her for accusing Qatar of conspiracy, as it could adversely affect her case before the United Nations. Summers concluded by urging her to refrain from making media mistakes and informing her about upcoming training. In response, Al-Rumaythi requested that she stop, emphasizing the seriousness of the matter.

In June 2019, Summers asked the Emirati spy if he agreed to cover the monthly cost of €650 proposed by the security company responsible for protecting Asma Aryan. Al-Rumaythi clarified that he would sign the contract and pay from his bank account, which is unrelated to the United Arab Emirates. Summers replied, urging him to proceed.

After three weeks, Summers sent the spy a lease contract for Aryan’s residence, suggesting that the rent (€3,630 per month) be paid from his personal account.

Mark Summers claims that Qatar targeted Asma Aryan, her family, his colleagues, and himself with a campaign of intimidation and character assassination, including cyberattacks such as email falsification and other document fabrications.

It is worth noting that the UAE lobby in Europe eventually abandoned the use of Asma Aryan’s story, as the orchestrated events to incite against Qatar failed. The weakness of their arguments became apparent as they focused on attacking Doha without providing any evidence or convincing proof to support their claims.

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